Merchant Accounts

The following are providers of merchant accounts and credit card machines for UK businesses. There are also providers who specialise in providing high-risk merchant accounts.

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Merchant Account Provider Notes
First data 742ea56169c9431037f68d5e4b4e24fcab18d448500cd994e18fa4d168f3bf88 Enables over six million businesses around the world to accept card payments. More info »
Fidelity 1f77df319f11b48edafd41a5aea9349f5d557ab0edd23433d858f09b1d106662 Founded in New York in 1996, Fidelity has gone on to become one of the largest electronic payment providers worldwide with branches across the US, Canada and now here in the UK. More info »
Utp ae3cb13d93b0cc8edbe1ba7d795d367bb53a1fc1c423d537b8491fc75ca37d76 Competitive rates for small and medium businesses. More info »
Worldpay eefe3e1524e8901a11235e546984fd7aa204b6b9db1fe5854f6294386810f306 Largest merchant services acquirer in the UK. More info »
Card cutters 9aab5cddfa0389b41255c34a11a2ad0e7dfb62c469e41a24441481df7bb48ed5 Competitive rates. 5-star rating with TrustPilot. More info »
Global payments 4b6b1d7c04f1886080ee15dd1012bbb524401f87191d35302352ad712a07f860 Acquired HSBC Merchant Services in the UK in 2009. More info »
Co op 4a536cf55b6fa75a89897e17af464794593cbf5cf4ef1afb4fa9235755936e9e More info »
Barclaycard 3fb90c22756952c9e358c459b2615c537e6572c9f9fd200987099b8b060d5750 More info »
Lloyds tsb cardnet 6e95b65312e749135a21f6d2a42c6b996a0df85cd3a533bc33d72d9c381e3504 More info »
Aib f12ed35624b07446a574a0771d8441654f90f6aa77fc0abf16f7087b45dfe853 More info »
Elavon 314be621b296cd68d595f13bc9f51ec320ae99315d48474cfec166e8d9ec2981 More info »

What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is a special bank account that can receive money from credit card and debit card payments. It is different from your normal business bank account and doesn't need to be with the same bank.

You'll sometimes hear the term 'Internet merchant account', or IMA. This is a merchant account that can be used to receive online payments.

What is a MID?

Your merchant account has a unique identifier that banks use to identify it. This is called your merchant ID or MID.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Some types of businesses are considered by banks to be riskier than others.

For example, businesses that sell tickets for events provided by another company are considered high-risk because they might sell lots of tickets, then shut down before the event organisers have been paid.

Acquiring banks consider some business sectors to be high-risk for various reasons. If you're having trouble getting a merchant account with Streamline or one of the high street banks, you may like to try getting a high-risk merchant account.